Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) & Science Workshop (SWS)
9 March 2010
Namgay Heritage Hotel, Thimphu, Bhutan

Joint Coordination Committee Meeting

Mr. Yeshi Dorji (DGM) Welcome address by project director
Dasho Sonam Tshering (Secretary of Ministory of Economic Affairs) Opening address from chief guest
Mr. Tomoki Nitta (JICA) Address from JICA resident representative
Prof. Kouichi Nishimura (NU) & Mr. Phuntsho Thsering (DGM) Address and project progress
Mr. K.S. Gallay (DGM), Mr. Phuntsho Tshering (DGM) & Dr. Jiro Komori (NU/JICA/DGM) Field Survey in upper reach
Prof. Daisuke Higaki (Hirosaki Univ.), Dr. Go Sato (Teikyo Heisei Univ.) & Mr. Tshering Penjore (DGM) Field survey in middle reach
Mr. Jun Umemura (Nihon Univ.) & Mr. Thika Thapa (DGM) Modification of geotech-lab and results of soil analysis
Dr. Takeo Tadono (JAXA) Satellite data analyses
Dr. Koji Fujita (NU) General Plan for 2010
Dr. Jiro Komori (NU/JICA/DGM) Field survey plan (upper reach)
Dr. Daisuke Higaki (Hirosaki Univ.), Dr. Go Sato (Teikyo Heisei Univ.) & Mr. Tshering Penjore (DGM) Field survey plan (middle reach)
Dr. Takeo Tadono (JAXA) Satellite Data Analysis Plan
Mr. Jun Umemura (Nihon Univ.) Laboratory work plan
Prof. Kouichi Nishimura (NU) & Mr. Yeshi Dorji (DGM) Exchange of minutes of meeting (M/M)
Dr. Jiro Komori (NU/JICA/DGM) Safety management of field surveys and information sharing between Bhutan/Japan
Overall Discussion
Prof. Yoshimori Honkura (JST) Conclusive remarks
Mr. Ugyen Wanda (DGM) Words of thanks

Science Workshop

Mr. Karma Toeb (DGM) Opening address
Dr. Koji Fujita (NU) Re-evaluation of GLOF risk -progress and issues-
Dr. Tsutomu Yamanokuchi (RESTEC) Satellite data processing for development of glacial lake inventory
Dr. Jiro Komori (NU/JICA/DGM) Preliminary results on glacier and glacial lake inventory in Bhutan
Dr. Akiko Sakai & Dr. Koji Fujita (NU) Formation condition of supraglacial lakes on debris-covered glaciers in the Himalayas
Mr. Phuntsho Tshering (DGM) Flood from Tshojo Glacier in 2009
Prof. Daisuke Higaki (Hirosaki Univ.) Concept of risk reduction from mountain hazard in Himalayan region
Mr. Karma Toeb (DGM) Thorthormi Lake mitigation
Mr. Kinley Penjor (UNDP) Status of regional climate reduction project by UNDP
Mr. Karma Dupchu (DoE) GLOF early warning system in Punakha-Wangdue Valley
Mr. Dowchu Dukpa (DGM) Seismicity and earthquake hazards in Bhutan
Overall discussion
Mr. Yeshi Dorji (DGM) & Prof. Kouichi Nishimura (NU) Closing addresses

Participants list

Department of Geology and Mines, Ministry of Economic Affairs Mr. Yeshi Dorji (Project Director, Officiating Director General)
Mr. Ugyen Wangda (Chief Geologist)
Mr. Phuntsho Tshering (Project Manager)
Mr. K.S. Gallay (Senior Geologist)
Mr. Thika Thapa (Senior Geologist)
Mr. Tshering Penjor (Senior Geologist)
Mr. Karma Toeb (Executive Geologist)
Mr. Dowchu Dukpa (Executive Geophysicist)
Mr. Samten Wangdi (Geologist)
Mr. Phutsho Pelgay (Geolosist)
Ms. Pema Deki (Geologist)
Mr. Jamyang Chopehl (Geologist)

Gross National Happiness Commission
Department of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs
National Environment Commission
Royal University of Bhutan
National Parks Official

Japan International Coorporation Agency (JICA) Mr. Tomoki Nitta (RR, JICA Bhutan Office)
Ms. Emi Doyle (PFA, JICA Bhutan Office)
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Prof. Honkura (Project Officer)
Mr. Koichi Tsukioka (Senior Staff)
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ms. Risa Nagaoka (Unit Chief, Research and Development Bureau, Earthquake and Disaster-Reduction Research Division)
JICA Experts Prof. Kouichi Nishimura (Project Leader, Nagoya University)
Dr. Koji Fujita (Nagoya University)
Dr. Go Sato (Teikyo Heisei University)
Prof. Daisuke Higaki (Hirosaki University)
Mr. Jun Umemura (Nihon University)
Dr. Takeo Tadono (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Dr. Tsutomu Yamanokuchi (Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan)
Dr. Nobuhiro Tomiyiama (Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan)
Prof. Jinro Ukita (Niigata University)
Dr. Jiro Komori (DGM, Research Expert)
Ms. Akemi Yoda (DGM, Project coordinator)